Tom & Allison's Amazing DIY Home

Built on 2000 feet of prime real estate in the heart of Culver City, California is the handcrafted picturesque home of Tom & Allison. The couple which put up in the sprawling mansion with their son Gordon, a tortoise and their dogs first met in art school.

Tom and Allison’s perfect complimenting of each other is evident in their most cherished work of art, their magnificent home which has been built by reclaiming ad salvaging junk from the scrapyard.
The result is a tasteful artistic rendition of a Craftsman, a domestic decorative art style that is the culmination of architecture, interior design, landscape planning and lifestyle philosophy in the form of a house. They have recycled and reused junk in a very ingenious manner, using old garden fencing for stair railings, vintage bricks for flooring, and useless fence boards to serve as countertops.
Making good use of his sculpture degree and the knowledge attained from going through numerous home design books, Tom managed to build everything from the custom shelves to the lighting patterns. The couple’s personal favorite happens to be the staircase bookshelf. However, they admit that their kitchen and bed boards are still incomplete, projects that may never be finished if the artist in them is not satisfied.
Living Room

Living Room in the Couple's Home
Tom and Allison’s Living Room

  • There aren’t many things in the house which are direct purchases from stores. An example is the sofa set above, which has been bought from Pottery Barn.
  • The antique lights are self made products, which can even be bought at Tom and Allison’s website, California Rediscovered.
  • The coffee table on the other hand is a refurbished school lunch table from the 1920’s and the homely rug, a Craigslist find.


  • The sink has been puchased from Olde Good Things and it is a 100 year old artifact working in perfect condition.
  • The kitchen tiling was originally used as flooring in a subway and has been recovered from a salvage yard.
  • The green countertops have been made from good old redwood along with a protective layer of epoxy coating.
  • The late 1940’s stove was part and parcel of the house and was rebuilt by the couple after the purchase.

Dining Room


  • The beautiful rustic table has been built using Doug Fir recovered from an old house.
  • The characteristic feature of the dining room is the large sign hanging above the table. Discovered in a friend’s crawl space, it is actually a Hollywood boy school’s sign from the 1930’s.
  • Both the bar lights as well as the dining room light have been made by the couple themselves.
  • The dining table chairs are actually nothing but 1920’s plastic folding chairs, but don’t they compliment the table flawlessly.
  • The bar stools on the other hand are quite literally old school, they were originally school auditorium seats.

Master Bedroom

  • The dark red flooring and the yellow walls come together to give the room a very warm welcome feeling.
  • The bed side tables have been made using mahogany and old wall brackets whereas the little bookshelf has been handcrafted from white oak.
  • The bed was purchased from Cat House Beds, following which it was subjected to numerous alterations to accomplish the present look.

Master Bathroom

  • Inspired by a 1920’s hospital and an industrial factory, this white tiled loo sports a couple of war posters and some really eye catching vintage advertisement.
  • The shower is similarly tiled and coupled with the salvaged steel windows gives a very industrial feel.
  • The sink is another salvage yard treasure, the kind Tom & Allison seem to have an eye for capturing.