Time For The Progress Report Of The Mufflerman's Government… Is It A Fail ???

It’s been almost an year now, since Kejriwal assumed the position of CM for the second time. Whether he actually walked the talk, or was it all just another election campaign? Let’s find out.

The Good:

  • Corruption decreased: 

    The dilli-walas claim that ever since AAP 2.0 came into action, there have been fewer instances of corruption. If the fear of having Kejriwal sarkar as the ruling party was not enough, the anti- corruption helpline is working wonders.

  • Women safety: 

    Delhi is definitely safer for women with Kejriwal at the top. Precautionary measures like installation of CCTV cameras by MLAs in their constituencies and frequent patrol by the cops have been taken to help the cause.

  • Overall cost of living:

    With power tariff cut down, essential water supply made free, fewer bribes to give and several other initiatives by the Government, the cost of living in the capital for the common man has also come down.


  • Other policies of Government: 

    Policies to tackle pollution, end of VIP culture, ease of doing business in the capital, Setting up a minimum wage for daily workers, etc. are only a few of AAP’s applaud worthy policies.


The Bad:

  • A weak Janlokpal bill

    : the Janlokpal bill presented by AAP is said to be a heavily diluted one and is believed to be inconsequential against corruption. Jan-Lokpal-Bill

  • Advertisement expenses:

    With all the work being done by it, all the policies and proposals in the pipeline, was it really necessary for the party to set its advertisement budget at a questionable 500 crore?Untitled-13-750x500


The Ugly:

  • Alliance with Lalu?

    At the oath ceremony  of Nitish yadv as Bihar’s CM, Kejriwal was seen warming up to the father of corruption Lalu Prasad Yadav. Even though Kejriwal later denied any possibility of an alliance and claimed to be against the corruption parade led by Lalu, this picture really makes you wonder.


  • Increase in MLA’s salaries

    : under a recent amendment the salaries of all the MLAs and ministers of Delhi constituency were increased by a whopping 400%, meaning from Rs. 88,000 a month to Rs. 2,10,000. Citing reasons like inability to buy wedding gifts, and being unable to serve the guests proper snacks, the bill was passed by the assembly. Now do we really need people who can not manage their homes in almost rs. 90,000 a month, to manage the budget of our capital?   

But considering everything, it looks the good outweighs the bad and the ugly. If the AAP follows its founding principles and rethinks and revises the glitches in its policies, it looks like a government that the people will be willing to keep. Because despite some faulty policies, the Delhi common man still believes that AAP is the party to bring about a change.
Here’s hoping that our MufflerMan keeps up the good work. Cheers!!