This Weird Habit Of This Horse Will Make You Go ROFL!!!

Many of us have stupid habits. The best of people with the smartest of minds have the most hilarious of habits. Maybe it is human tendency or there could be some other science behind it. Some have even given a worthy explanation to such behaviours. It is stated in many researches that such actions actually dispel off the nervous energy inside us and it is a mechanism to reduce the stress on our nerves. Well, hadn’t it been for science more than half of the population would be called mad. I often shake my legs when I am excited. I even curl my feet when I am anxious. This usually occurs before examinations or interviews.
Horse Smacking Lips 1
This thing is equally visible in animals as well. There have been many recordings of such animals performing stupid tricks when they are in a mood to rest or are being cajoled or being lovingly rubbed. Whatever be the reason, there have been many instances when animals behave in this way.
Horse Smacking Lips 2
Meet our new star, Root. He is one silly horse. Why do we say that? Well have a look at the video yourself and decide whether he is silly or not. His talent is actually quite funny. Whoever has seen the stallion in action broke down in peals of laughter. He was being brushed and groomed when he started smacking his lips in a silly beat, like a yodeling tap dancer. Well, hats off to him, because this is quite an entertainer.
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