This Video Of A Man And A Lioness Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons!!

What do you expect when you save a wild cat’s life? Most of you would say that the wild does not care for humans. They will never be grateful to their saviors. However, this is not the case. Wild animals have a sense of gratitude and when you see the video you will realize the sentiments they hide behind their big bulky bodies.
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This video went viral after being uploaded on a popular video website. Soon after, it found its way to various social networks. Google also quoted in media of following this person and now a documentary film about this story is underway. What’s so amazing about this video.
In this video, you will see a lioness leaping into a man’s arms and then hug him tightly. Why? He saved her life. Valentin Gruener, a German conservationist, found the female lion cub three years ago wandering on her own in the wilderness. It seems she had been driven out of her pride.
Alone in the arid deserts of Botswana, she faced death for sure. Either she would be eaten by other predators or she would die out of starvation. But soft-hearted Valentin took pity on her took her under his care and nursed her back to health at the Modisa sanctuary.

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Now the pair are the best of friends. He calls the lioness Sirga. Despite Sirga’s increasing weight, he still manages to keep his ground while getting the warmest hugs. This shows that all wild animal are not alike and they do remember favors done to them a long time back.
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