The Shocking Story Of A Sixteen Year Old Who Has Turned Into A Savage Terrorist

Have you ever heard the first hand account of a terrorist? Though our sources are ambiguous, we have managed to extract the story of a young ISIS terrorist who was captured by the Iraqi Police. Behind bars, he gives a story which will rattle the very foundations of humanity.
Read on.
Wednesday, 29th December 2015. 1 o’clock EST (Eastern Standard Time). Its morning time and the fog is setlling down. The curfew has started. The town of Rawah is asleep.  A young boy sneaks out. He prattles something to himself and breaks into a run, reaches a tree near the house and draws out a Bomb. Its TNT, and it’s bloody dangerous.
Rawah is a small town in Western Iraq and the situation is quite tense here. After ousting Saddam of power, they have been surging in for the demolition of anti-peace forces in the country.
He carried the hand-made bomb back to his home. He prepared the remote and detonator. He is nervous because it his first mission.
It was a cold night. He waits on until its daybreak. The first rays of the sun appear on the horizon. A UN peacekeeping unit appears, and the boy scrambles for batteries, but his fingers are not quick enough. The Marines drove past without any harm and the boy hits himself on his calf in pure disgust. He had failed.
Meet Ayyub Bashar Muhammad Hussein, who is one of the few who are waging a war against US Soldiers. He arranges the mine ambushes. He has killed a lot of soldiers and civilians. He hails himself as a freedom fighter. “ I am a Muhajideen, which is an Arabic equivalent of a freedom fighter.
He has been held captive by police for his wrongdoings. He has been in jail for over a fortnight. There are many others just like him. He was charged for an attempted bombardment. He stopped himself at the last moment when he saw Iraqi police joining forces with US Marines. Iraqi police forces have always joined hands with UN and other ally nations who are trying to restore peace in Iraq, Syria and other disturbed parts of the Arab World.
He doesn’t want to kill his countrymen. But he will never spare the “Outsiders” as he and the others call them. They have their hands soaked in his countrymen’s blood.
“What is value of an Iraqi man’s life to them? Nothing! They are not human. They are devils with guns.”
He sits in an internet café and chats with his mentor. The mentor was responsible for the brainwash of the sixteen year old boy who loved football more than anything else. On his screen appears the word COWARD. He is dejected and ashamed. His friend who is sitting with him in is also silent.
He still had the remote control detonator in his coat pocket. He promises himself to use it again.
Another guest was following the online dialogue between Ayyub Bashar and his mentor. He tipped off the police and Ayyub Bashar was arrested in a few hours.
His father and his brother were ashamed of him. But they are more shocked than humiliated. The father says his son was not what they think . But his brother minces no words,”I am ashamed of him, that too when I am a part of the Iraqi Police force.

But this is not all what he has been charged with. The boy was found guilty on seventy two charges including murder, rape and what not.
Why did he do it?
He did it because wanted to do something that would make ‘him’ proud. He did not want to die without doing anything for his nation.
That is the kind of national service the ISIS expects out of its recruits.
But the soldiers should fight, but why the murder and rape? One may wonder what kind of pride these militants find in these lowly acts. The murder is the ultimate test for proving manhood, strength and will. The rape is the reward for it. It even serves as a punishment for jezebels and harlots. The ISIS labels almost all women as derogatory and lust-driven.
He even cut an ear of a woman once, because she refused to comply. But it was mostly because he found it cute and the earring too was beautiful. He kept it for weeks until the flesh turned rotten.
The ISIS conducted aim practice regimens for them to improve their shooting capabilities. But the targets used were live. Sometimes, they were animals. Most of the times it was human targets, who were mainly violators of ISIS.
Ayyub Bashar owned a large arsenal of weapons. He stored them in the vast expanse of land behind his house. Many of them are in plastic containers which are used daily. A gamut of explosive devices including TNT, detonators, long range rifles, AK-47s and AK -74s, grenades, rockets launchers and ammunition was excavated.
Ayyub Bashar is the perfect example for terrorism in youth. His family relocated to a rural part of the country to evade the unending terrorism and violence in the country. Ayyub Bashar met Maad, a veteran there in the village itself. The man impressed Ayyub Bashar and kept telling him incriminating accounts of Americans. In Iraq, ISIS calls the US Government Godless imperialists of the modern age. He even convinced them fighting UN, US or any other Western Force was the duty of every Iraqi.

The Test of Terrorism

Ayyub Bashar was thrilled, wanted to join the fight. As an initiation test into the group of local muhajedeen he was told to hold a gun on his head and pull the trigger. He recalls being told that he could would one day be promoted to the post of suicide bomber and lay his life for the ultimate Jihad, that of ousting the westerners from the divine land of Iraq and that he would gain entry to the heaven.
(We wondered how he would gain a place in heaven by killing or raping anyone.)
When Ayyub Bashar started preparing himself for his first mission, he had a big network of helpers at his disposal. There’s rarely a family that doesn’t have at least one son or cousin who worked as a henchman in one of the terror groups.
It was his mentor’s brother, Jawad-ul- Masub who told the boys about the weapons stashes, shortly before he was killed in a drone attack. He was hailed as a Jihadi and was given top honours. He was an example for others.
Ayyub Bashar learned how to use a detonator from a former insurgent, who was well versed in arms and ammunition. But all his plans were foiled owing to his immature disposition and impatience. Moreover, he didn’t know a lot about internet and couldn’t use a secret internet channel.
His name is on a long list of wanted Iraqi terrorists which is hanging in the US Marines’ command headquarters. His only regret is that he couldn’t be a part of the beheading team.