This Reason For Divorce Is The Strangest!


What Have You To Say About It? This reason for divorce is the strangest.
Well, what is the worst punishment you can get for being a good husband? A divorce.

Yes, you heard it right. A husband got a divorce as a reward because he was too good to his wife.

Was He Too Good A Husband? Can This Be A Reason For A Divorce?

This is an incident of Oakland, California. A pampered wife has demanded a divorce on the ground of mental cruelty. The woman, Leona P. Jeske. sixty years , complained that her sixty-eight-year-old husband, Carol Jeske didn’t allow her to do any one of the household chores.
He didn’t let her make the breakfast coffee, then did all the laundry and ironing. He wouldn’t let her do the dishes or even cook the dinner.  He even insisted to tuck her in bed. Leona said she felt like a baby.

The Jeskes had been married for eighteen long months. Mrs Jeske is reported to have said that initially, she liked his attentiveness, until she started being overwhelmed by the extra care she received. She started becoming nervous and upset. Judge Lyle E. Cooke ruled the case in her favour thinking the reasons were weird
What can you say, some men just can’t win?


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