This Pregnant Horse Rescue Video Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes !!

This is a pretty devastating video, where you see a cute little mare being readied for auction. Then she would be slaughtered. Everything was fine until the ranch owners realize something. The mare is pregnant. Now what would they do?
Slowly Animal Rescue Workers are brought in. It is confirmed that she’s pregnant. But that’s not all. There’s a lot more. What the animal rescue team discovers after being allowed to examine the horse is that she’s infected too. She has been coughing a lot. If this coughing is left untreated it could affect her respiratory system as well. Timely medication was the prime responsibility of the animal rescue team.
Her stools are tested to find out what parasite has been inhabiting her body. She was isolated then, as she would be de-wormed and disinfected so that it’s health can be stabilized. This was going to be a gradual process.
Slowly but steadily, the mare recovers the health she has lost. Her eyes are clear and she is not coughing. Now she is ready to go into labour. Everybody hopes for a successful delivery.
The D-Day arrives and the mare delivers a healthy baby. Not only is she happy, she is now the proud mother of a stallion.