This Pitbull Was Left Dying On The Roadside !!

Many dog owners realize how important their canine companions are, while others shun the pet without any apparent reason. They just buy it for toying with the creature and then of course they leave it. Have a look at this pitbull.
In the past we have seen dogs being starved. We have also seen some dogs been discarded. These owners have half a heart, so they leave the dog in a condition where they have some life in them. But that does not reduce their crime.
But this video footage is the worst thing I have ever seen. This pitbull, which must have been a fine, sturdy and strong fellow in its prime, is reduced to bones. It was found in the most despicable condition.
Yes, this was an incident in the United Kingdom where this dog was discarded on the roadside. It had a patchy coat. You can see hair missing in a few places. In fact, it has been reduced to bones. You can clearly see its ribs peeking out. The worst part is that the old man was left unconscious at the road. I was bereaved at the sight.
Well, this old man was may be down on luck but help is on its way. There were a few people who volunteered to adopt it and hence the mission was accomplished.
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