This Pitbull Was Abandoned And Left To Die By His Owner !!

There are a lot of cases of dogs being abandoned by their owners. Well, this is also a similar case. You will be angered to know how this sweet little pitbull was left back by its owners with no food and water supply. Pretty cruel folks. I wish I could punish them. When I see this dog, my heart cries out for her.
This sweet little pitbull named June had been discovered tied by a leash with no food and water. She managed without the food, but went crazy because of the thirst. When the animal rescue team discovered her, she was in a bad shape. After all, it had been a month and a half, almost forty five days. Man, I couldn’t live without food and water for a day. How did this dog manage to stay alive? Will they be able to save it?
Her bones are peeking out and her coat does not have a lot of hair. She has bald patches all over her coat.
She is given the necessary treatment and has been provided with the right nutrition. Within a week, she starts to gain wait and after a fortnight, she is alive and kicking. Within a month, she has become hale and hearty and is now enjoying some company.