This Is Heartbreaking. Baby Orangutan Is So Lonely That It Keeps Hugging Herself For Ease

There have been thousands of poems and works on this maternal love that can just be felt and cannot be defined at all. People might say that there are thousands of species that are ruthless on their newborns, but just for the sake of clarity, there is no specie that doesn’t feel broken if their kid gets hurt. And a similar behavior can be observed in the kids as well towards their parents.
The kids form a bond with the parents right at the point of their birth. Regardless of who tries to raise the kid, he/she will always feel a lost connection with the mother, if any such circumstance happens. Moreover, we all know that orangutans and humans are closely related in many ways. Shown at the bottom of this article is a video of an orangutan that misses the warmth of her mother’s touch to such an extent that she keeps on hugging herself all the time. Source:

International Animal Rescue (IAR), the organization that currently is taking care of Joss, the orphaned orangutan, says that the primate had been held as a pet by an Indonesian family out of sympathy. The orangutan was just a newborn while the time of purchase. Though the Indonesian family tried to take good care of the orangutan but they didn’t know that keeping such a pet was illegal. Moreover, they were unacquainted to the fact that the casual playing and hugging the pet was making her more fearful.

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It was when Joss reached the age of two that Dahlan (the owner of Joss) handed it over to the International Animal Rescue organization voluntarily. But the behavior of little Joss left everyone struck in shock. She continuously tried to hurt herself by banging her head in the wall or jumping in a hurtful manner. The most emotional part is she needs the warmth of her mother, which is why, she keeps her hands in a locked position as if she is hugging herself. Source:

Officials of IAR are of the view that Joss has undergone some serious trauma, which is evident by her unusual behavior. The look on her face and the way she reacts to someone’s touch just seems pitiful and provokes one to curse those who killed her mother and snatched her for the purpose of illegal trafficking.

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Nevertheless, IAR is trying its best to save the little orangutan from the emotional trauma by providing her a habitat filled with warmth. All it needs is a little contribution from everyone, and a pledge not to indulge in such devastating and inhumane activities. IAR also claims that this is not the first time they have come across such an orangutan. They inform that due to the overpowering of the natural habitat of these orangutans by humans, they are lacking space to reside in, and hence are becoming victims of such cruelty.
The behavior of this orangutan is shown in the video below, which might seem to be upsetting to everyone.