This Needs To Stop !! Rude VIP Gets Aggressive When Not Given Special Treatment.

India has a unique VIP culture , where politicians, bureaucrats and powerful men in general want to be treated in a superior way everywhere they go. It’s like they think that the world owes them something. 
With their red beacon cars and their high ranks , VIP’s often try to misuse their powers for their gains. They want people to treat them with respect and honor and start threatening people when they don’t act that way.
What would you do if you are at a public place and an arrogant VIP started humiliating and bullying others just because he is a son/daughter of a very high ranking person.

Tu Jaanta Hai Mera Baap Kaun Hai ?
Tu Jaanta Hai Mera Baap Kaun Hai ?

Would you stand up to raise your voice against his pride and self righteousness or would you do nothing and keep sit ?
The following social experiment conducted by NDTV attempts to answer that question when a VIP enters into a restaurant and started humiliating the staff. It was clear that he wanted to be treated in a superior manner and when the service got a bit late , he created a scene attracting the attention of everyone present at the place.


Watch the full video. You would not want to miss the ending.