This Man Was Terrified Of Something! Wait Till The End To Know What Was He Trembling.

We all have our fears. Some of them can be logical, but many of them are about ridiculous things. It is not our fault, its actually a part of our psychological setup. So you can quit calling yourself a coward. Even the strongest looking men have expressed fear from minuscule objects. You will be amused and even shocked to know about the fears of the celebrities you know. But dare not laugh at them, lest you might have to face your own fear.
What if this fear is at its extreme? Some of the people have actually quit food because they fear it contains poison or deadly germs. Some even get paralyzed when they have come face-to-face with things or creatures they dread. Its sensible to face our fears otherwise this fear will spoil your life or give you a restriction that could actually cost you your life. It could even lead to trauma in others lives as well.
Man Afraid of Dog
What’s your phobia? Is it about closed places or about walking in a crowded place. Some of us are afraid of reptilian creatures while others dread to see a spider near them. Some even fear buzzing sounds. Some of the patients have disorders related to phobias. Famous Artist Vincent Van Gogh chopped off his ears because of his phobic tendencies. If you are facing the same phobias, it is better to contact a psychiatrist or a psychologist for it. Medical attention or counselling could be the best solution.
In this video, you see a man with ripping muscles in a park. He is breathing heavily and is afraid of something. He is tensed and looking here and there. It seems he is ready to break into a run if he pots something that could drive him crazy. He is looking in all the directions furtively and if I am not mistaken, he’s even trembling a little. What was bothering him?
Just then a pitbull terrier pup walks in and this man darts away from it. A lady who has been by him all this time grabs his arm. Then things become clear, he is evidently scared of dogs. He is obviously terrified when he faces his fear.
Have a look at the video how he tackles with this puppy.