This Man Was Frozen Dead For Hours And There Was No Hope To His Survival, What Happened Next Is A Miracle!!!

Justin Smith had been dead for hours. He did not move a muscle and his body was rock solid. You wonder why? Well, he had been spotted frozen in a snowbank by a paramedic and was believed to be dead. But you know there is a God, and there are many instances when you sense His presence. How does He show it? With miracles, of course. It was indeed a miracle in the case of Justin Smith of Pennsylvania.
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“When Justin was found, I was present at the scene.” says paramedic Emett Thomas. He further goes on to say that he showed no sign of life and there was no chance of his revival.
When his father saw him for the first time after the incident, he was devastated. He says on record,” I took his head in my hands and said to him ‘You gotta live.” Then he left it to the medical team. The medical team was headed by an experienced doctor of Lehigh Hospital, Dr. Gerald Coleman. This case was about to be labeled as a miracle.
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Dr. Coleman says he always had ray of hope that Justin had a chance of survival. The rest of the medical team was not ready to believe him. He insisted and went to work. They went for a death defying operation and the results were scarce. They took out Carbon-di-oxide from his body and then warmed it. Then it was re-inserted in his body. Everybody waited tensely to see the outcome.
After a period of twelve days, Justin began to twitch. Slowly he was responsive and gained consciousness. He lost both his pinkies and a couple of toes. Otherwise, he was fit and fine. Hypothermia had preserved his organs. After some time he was slowly resuscitated.
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Many considered it as a miracle and congratulated Dr. Coleman on his belief and effort. The Doctor says he had lost a baby when it was nine days old. This feeling of helplessness nagged him at that time. He put a hundred percent effort in saving Justin.