OMG!! This Man Gulped Down A Razor And What Happened Next Gave Me Goosebumps.

Have you ever seen a magician performing a dangerous stunt that left you clenching your fingers in between your teeth? Well, magicians have tried to impress the crowds with death-defying tricks that have created a spell binding effect. Many a times, one wonders whether the trick was worth risking your life. But showmanship is what a magician’s life is all about. He craves for the applause and is even ready to lay down his life for it.
Dr. Vivian Hensley was one such performer. He had the eye of the best connoisseur when it came to performing astounding acts. There were multiple acts in his kitty. The Australian Dentist garnered a lot of acclaim worldwide for this trick.

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His signature act was swallowing a rusty old razor. It was however a trick of his hand. With the slight of his hand, he would allow the razor to slip down his sleeve. This act a la carte Houdini, attracted people far and wide. He loved the audience.
But one day, the act went wrong. He was showing it to his children, but was unable to maneuver it down the sleeve on time, so it went straight down the throat. His wife made him swallow cotton-balls to stop blood. In the end, one does not know whether he died of a slit larynx or of choking on cottonballs. A perfectly practiced act went the wrong way and it lead to a gruesome end to the life and career of Dr. Vivian Hensley.

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Well, I have no words for conclusion. Wish he had been more careful that day.