This Man Did Something Incredible To Fulfill The Promise He Had Made To A Dying Dog!!

When you see humanity around you, your heart warms up. There are a lot of people who take pity on under-privileged animals, but none of them actually help them out. The condition of such animals deteriorates by the day and one they practically die. Still, nobody cares for them. People will scowl at the pungent odour of the rotten carcasses, and then call up the local welfare authority and then they demand a prompt removal of the filth. That’s how mean our mentality is. So what kind of humanity am I talking about?
An animal cannot speak up, so it is willfully ignored. Even when they are grimacing in pain people do not take notice. The worst cases are when they are run over by vehicles on the highway. Some of them wince in pain, shaking and trembling, they give up on their life. But when you watch this video, your faith in humanity will be restored. This will resurrect hope in you.
Gaia was a pregnant mongrel, when she was hit by a speeding vehicle. She is befriended by a man who helps her by giving her food and the medical supplies. She is taken care of. Slowly she starts recuperating, but it is evident that she will not last long. Still she is happy. Maybe the care given by the man gives her joy.

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In midst of all this clamour, Gaia is in labor and delivers healthy pups. Not only is the man overjoyed, the canine also forgets what it has been going through for the last few months. Life drags on and everything is going along just fine. The canine, the pups and the man are enjoying the topsy-turvy situations that life brings forth.

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One fine day, when he returns he finds the dog missing and the pups are there. Another person who was taking care of the dog says she died two days before he came. This saddened him deeply and he makes a promise.
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