LED Skirt From Japan

Imagine how cool would it be if you could have some lighting on/in your clothes that would illuminate the features of your body that you have been working on for so long? Looks like the Japs already turned this idea into a reality with this LED skirt.

Japanese are known for their extra-advanced technology. They also enjoy a fair share of fame when it comes down to weirdly innovative technologies for improvisation in the standard of living. Innovations like thigh pillows, weird eye droppers, etc. were innovation of Japan, and now, these brilliant minds have come across another innovation that will literally blow your mind away. Just three words for this innovation: SKIRTS and LED Lights, which actually makes it LED Skirt.

LED Skirt: Skirt and LED strip
LED strip installed inside skirt

Yeah, you guessed it right. For years have we been trying to illuminate our clothes with all those shiny materials available in the market but it seems that the Japs took a leap ahead and settled on a pretty simple solution which was staring us right in our faces. All they did was convert that simple skirt to LED skirt by inserting a strip of Bluetooth controlled LEDs. Known as the “Hikaru Skirt“, the technology has been devised by Kiyayuki Amano, who used a 3D printer, Bluetooth technology, and a control board to get this thing ready.
LED Skirt: Simple setup
The simple setup

This DIY LED skirt kit will soon be in production and the day isn’t far when you will be able to see these kits in your local market, thanks to the people who will copy this technology, or to the exporters of Japan if they get this technology patented. But nonetheless, this ordinary looking skirt deceives anyone who has a glimpse of it!
LED Skirt: Glimpse
Glimpse of the skirt

Many girls won’t become a fan of such skirt, but think again! It would ILLUMINATE you!
LED Skirt: Illuminate

These skirts also work as a HIGHLIGHTER of your special parts!
LED Light: Highlighter

And the best part, you will have all the eyes set on you!
LDE Light: Eyes on you
You will soon become the apple of eye for everyone around you

The LED strip can be installed inside the skirt and is invisible from the outside! Perfection, we must say!
LED Skirt: Perfection

And the strip is in a plastic sleeve, hence rendered to be waterproof! So, go ahead, illuminate yourself even in the rain!
LED Skirt: Waterproof
Safety pins were used for beta version only

Arduino is used for programming and proper working, which is easily available in the market.
LED Skirt: Arduino
Arduino is used in this technology

And the best part, you can do it yourself even from SCRATCH!!
LED Skirt: DIY
You can assemble it all by yourself