This Is Why Dogs Love Us More Than Cats

dog love vs cat love
cats and dogs

It can be tagged as an eternal debate. When it comes to choosing our pets, dogs and cats remain our first choice. There is no doubt in the fact that our dogs love us. But
now dog owners can be proud and say “Hell Yes !! “.
A recent BBC documentary named “Cat v Dogs” confirmed some major scientific facts that go on to prove our point. According to the reports, the conclusion all comes down to a simple biological substance which is responsible in this particular equation. (What equation, we will let you know in a while)
dogs love chemical equation

The element we are talking about has something to do with a chemical substance called oxytocin. (What does this geeky science term mean ??). In layman terms oxytocin can be referred to as the love hormone. This is something which is released in the brain during intimate bonding. (For example oxytocin is released when a mother is breast feeding her new born child).
Okay, now back to our cat dog story, scientists tried to fit the presence of oxytocin in the pet and owner relationship. (We suppose now we are on the right track). So the scientists tried to compare the level of oxytocin levels (The love hormone) in the brains of cats and dogs as a reaction to seeing their owner. The levels were systematically measured. To measure the oxytocin levels scientists obtained the saliva of cats and dogs, on their very first encounters with their respective owners. The subjects (10 dogs and 10 cats) were allowed to play with their owners for about 10-15 minutes. After that another samples of their salivas were taken to again measure the change in the levels of oxytocin.
dogs love us more
dogs and cat

So not so surprisingly, both species of pets showed an increase in the levels of love hormone when they were tested. Let’s move to the big question, do our dogs love us more than our cats, even when statistics come to paper ?? (As a general assumption we mostly acknowledge the fact that dogs are more loving and they care for us more than our cats). So even the tests went on to prove our point. The dogs love hormone showed a 57.2 percent jump in chemical composition, when their saliva were tested. While the cats saliva was tested for an increase of about 12 percent, after interacting with their owners. After the results Dr Paul Zeuk, a renowned neuro scientist exclaimed  “I was really surprised to discover that dogs produced such high levels of oxytocin”. While it was a happy conclusion for dog lovers, it came as a surprise to the scientists that the cats showed any surge in oxytocin levels ( although negligible )
dogs love us vs cats
cats v dogs

Our Say On Why Dogs Love Us More..

For those of you wondering what the experiment meant to prove, the level of oxytocin can be compared to the amount of love these pets feel for their owners. And this increase in oxytocin levels after interaction provides evidence for it. So yes it is to say that our dogs love us five times more than our cats do ( technically speaking ). But a pleasant fact remains that it does not mean that our cats do not love as, as science has evidence even for that.

dogs love owners
dogs pet

Another startling revelation that came from the study was that our pet dog counterparts probably love us more than we love each other. Talking of oxytocin evidence, an average couple sees 40-60% increase in the love hormone levels. Which proves that on an average the dog’s love for their owners surpasses the love an average couple feel for their better half.
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