This Is Where 'The Patiala Peg' Came From…

Hail to the king of all pegs, The Patiala Peg!

As the name suggests, the peg is totally Punjabi and Punjabis tend to have a great appetite for food and alcohol. Alcohol is something punjabi’s can always be related to because, ‘Punjabiaan  di battery charge rehndi hai’ (Punjabi people are always energetic) and alcohol is the fuel that runs down their veins.
Well, the great Patiala peg is an origin from the court of the great Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala.He was a strong and a tall man, and when I say tall… I mean 6 and a half feet tall. Ahmmmm… I can well imagine that… :P. He was known for his charm … When he rode past his kingdom on his Arabian Horse , he left many women love struck.

It is said that he had a polo team which was one great team and was undefeated. The team consisted of the great warriors from the state of Patiala. Their favorite game was Skullpegging, where they used lift the half buried skulls of their enemies by pegging them with their spears, as they rode on their horses. Once, Maharaja invited the handsome and great “Viceroys Prides” to have a friendly match in their territory. The Viceroys were the gentlemen who would take pride in drinking all night and still being able It was the fear of losing the game to the hands of British that made the home team plan a conspiracy of getting the opposite team drunk. They did so by making the pegs double in size by adding more of alcohol and then it was the birth of Patiala peg. Next morning the Viceroys went up for the game with heavy heads and the plan was held successful.
So this is how we got the very beloved, PATIALA PEG!