The Worst Case Of Dog Abuse I Have Ever Seen

Day by day India’s humanitarian efforts are plunging into a bottomless pit. We have reached our ebb. Dog Abuse went beyond limits.
There are some issues which have been constantly ignored by the people. While many of them will claim they are kind-hearted, but in reality they are inhuman and barbaric.
I was staying in Chandigarh, and presently I reside in Ahmedabad. One day, a stray dog entered in the vicinity of our society in Chandigarh. This was almost two months back. Dog catchers tried to catch it for disposal or I should say it was a dog abuse. I am wondering why was it so important?
It was a stray dog. The children in the area gave food and water, as it was weak. This was a daily practice. The kids had collected funds to vaccinate the dog, so that it did not pose a danger to anybody. But today, something devastating happened.
stray-dog abuse
Some men tied the dog upside down to a tree with a rope, hit it with bamboo sticks. This demonic act of dog abuse was recorded by the children who went to stop all this. They were pushed away, and their video was deleted.
The dog was in a badly bruised state and hanging on to what was left of it. When the police finally arrived, they beat the dog too. SHAME ON YOU ALL. We should tie you upside down and give the same treatment to you also.
The dog was taken in a sack, dead or alive, we don’t know and disposed away. Nobody will punish them with this crime. But there is a God, and all you dog beaters will rot in hell.
Watch what these people actually did. This is a video made by the kids of the society using their cellphones. Most of the videos were deleted. These were the only ones left.
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A few people from the PACFA have come together to protest(peacefully) against these people and for amendment in the law for cruelty against animals. We hope this brings some positive change into the society.
dog event