This Is The Right Age Gap Between Partners

The most important factor that has the main say in deciding your compatibility with your partner is the age gap between you and your partner. The right age gap between partners plays a vital role in building strong relationships. If you have the partner with the right age, you are assured for better understandings.
There is no defined formula that could tell you the right age gap between partners but it can be calculated as per your nature and many other aspects of you and your surroundings.
Here are a few parameters based on which you may find the right age gap between partners:

Maturity level
The first and foremost thing to assess is your maturity level. If you are mature more than your age than the partner compatible for you must be 3-5 years older person. However if you are just mature to your age you might be compatible with an older person or may be a person of your own age. The older person may be better in handling you as he knows the tantrums of your age. While the same age person may understand you much better.

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