This Is The Most Effective Way Of Using Soda !!

Every time I see this video, I wonder what I have to say to anybody. Be it the soda company manufacturers or the people who drink soda. I am not even questioning the health department or the government of U.S.A. In fact, I do not know what I am going to do with the next coke bottle I buy. Should I drink it? Or should I flush it down the toilet to remove the yellow stains? All I can say is Je Suis Malade meaning I am sick, sick of it all.
That’s not what coke is limited too. It can perform a horde of other jobs too. You won’t believe how profitable this liquid is. In fact, this single liquid is capable of performing one or more jobs around the house. Man! Now that’s some accomplishment.
Again, I ask myself, should I drink it or pour it down the toilet bowl. Eh, Brutus? Et tu Coke?
Whatever it is, I don’t know what I am guzzling, but it sure is a cheaper alternative to the expensive toilet cleaners. Now I have started wondering again, Can I drink the Toilet Cleaner? Where’s my Lizol?
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