This Is How You Can Know If A Girl Has A Crush On You!!

Ever felt those typical imaginary stereotypical violins by a string quartet that start playing as soon as you see your crush passing by? That is a great feeling, isn’t it? And if you think that such things happen to just the male sector only, you are far away from hitting the target! Girls also feel the same when they come across a guy they admire or have a crush on. Though the string quartet might be filled with women in the girl’s imagination, it is there. And if you want to know that you are the lucky one who got crushed on, here are a few ways you can do so.

1. The “Accidental” Crush Bumps

Crush: Accidentally bumping
The girl will “accidentally” bump into you

A girl crush can be easily recognized by the times she “accidentally” bump into you, or as a matter of fact, perform any action that enhances a physical touch between you two. As the time passes, these gradual touching of arm or hands become pretty common. Always keep in mind that you might have to differentiate between the actual accidental touches and the­­ touch she actually makes in the name of an accident.

2. The Stares

Crush: Staring
The girl will give you “the stare”

If you be extremely careful then you could witness her staring at you, even when you guys are not in a conversation. She might be looking for a reason to look at you, or even when both of you might be involved in your own work, she would never miss a chance to throw a small glance at you.

3. The natural sympathetic laughs

Crush: Laugh
The girl will laugh on your poorest joke

Ever cracked a joke that no one understands? Or even if they understand, the quality of the joke is so poor that neither does anyone laugh, nor does anyone pay heed to it? You might get to know if the girl is crushing on you if you crack a joke not worthy of laughing and she still cracks up! This is usually because she never would want to leave you hanging in the middle of an awkward situation. You might also witness her smiling whenever she talks to you, which is also a sign of crushing.