This Little Puppy Was Left Dying, Covered In Tar, When This Small Boy Came For His Rescue!!


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The Indian streets are a home to a lot of misfortunate, abandoned and helpless animals of which the dog population form a huge chunk. These dogs are often subject to accidents, injuries, diseases and starvation. Unfortunately not all incidents are reported or covered, and so many animals/dogs die in a nameless existence unable to fight the circumstances and misfortunes they are plagued with. It is only because of few considerate and animal friendly people who live across the streets that these animals are savaged from the brutality of circumstances and ill fate. Such is the incidence of this young female puppy who could have lost her life if  an animal organization had not come to its rescue.


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The situation is equally worse in the small cities and metropolitan’s, where neither municipalities nor the government authorities want to take any responsibility for these shelter-less dogs who are at the mercy of fate. The situation got even worse for this little female dog when she was found helpless in a life threatening situation. Scroll down in our post to know the full story.

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Here is what happened – This innocent young puppy was found on the streets, stuck and fully covered in a thick layer of tar on a roadside where some repair was taking place. Little did anyone know then that what this 3 month old pup was going through. The dog was pulled itself with full force but was unable to move.


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The dog although captured alive out of the situation, was in a pitiable state when it was handed over to Animal Aid Unlimited (A rescue squad in Udaipur, Rajasthan). When the volunteers got hold of the helpless scared dog, they offered him with cold water.


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According to sources the puppy was found playing near the road repair side and unfortunately got stuck in the molted solution of coal tar. The puppy was fully bounded, with all four legs immersed in the tar unable to move. The puppy even tried to get out of the sticky road pit but was unsuccessful. It was only when a boy who lived across the street came for help, who somehow managed to contact an NGO which works for the welfare of stray animals. That is when Animal Aid Unlimited came into picture.


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The volunteers at the organization decided to take the noble task of liberating the puppy out of the mess. They rubbed the puppy’s body with vegetable oil to get rid of the sticky solution.  After continuous rubbing, the dog was taken and cleansed with soap baths. Finally the dog was set free and was given a lucky second chance at life.


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Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as the little creature was seen playing around and having fun at the organization’s premise. The dog although could not have thanked the rescuers with words but did express heartwarming gratitude with its affectionate gesture, showering them with kisses.


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All said and done as the famous saying goes ” All is well that ends well”, fortunately enough it was an happy ending indeed. Don’t forget to like share and comment on our post !