This Horrible Incident Changed My Life

This occurrence transpired last October. I was returning to my room from school at around 11 pm, in the wake of a prolonged day of dealing with my ventures. I took a sharing auto which was going up to Katraj. As there was no possibility of any open transport up to my room, I chose to walk. I barely strolled a couple steps, a car drew near me. This horrible incident changed my life.
Initially, I thought the man, probably in his forties was requesting for directions. Rather, he offered me a lift. I rejected graciously as I was not happy.

Changed My Life
Asking For A Lift Turned Out To Be A Nightmare

Some place, my intuition was warning me it was a trap. I could imagine a scenario where he could plunder me or simply seize me.
Yet, he demanded by saying that it was not safe for me to be walking all alone. He was heading down the same way, so he could drop me. He opened the door. He was acting all prudent and chivalrous.
I rode the car reluctantly. He began conversing with me and let me know that he was from Jaipur, he has a school going companion. He posed a couple of inquiries as well, asking me about my circle. I was simply answering in single words as I was constantly worried about the sitting arrangement.
Changed My Life
He Dared To Put His Hands On My Thighs

Anybody could jump on me and I would be defenseless. I prayed to God for this ordeal to be over.
After some time, he set his hand on my thigh. I was wearing my knee high shorts.
The motion made me more uncomfortable. I thought it was more of the fatherly kind, where he was trying to reassure me, that I was safe. But I was wrong.
Be that as it may, he proved me wrong and attempted to put his hand in my shorts.
Changed My Life
He Tried To Put His Hand In My Shorts

I halted him. At this point his intentions were entirely clear to me and I requested that he stop the car. He declined and all of a sudden, he gave me abhorrent looks. That was his real face, that jackal
I rummaged in my backpack, took out my pen and swore to take his eye out. He halted quickly.
I opened the door of the car, ran constantly, till I achieved my room and caved in.

This Encounter With A Sexual Prowler Changed My Life Forever

I was so stunned by the occurrence that I didn’t leave my space for quite a long time. The incident frequented gave me nightmares for quite a long time. I understood his connection with his school going “companion”. The prospect that I was on the verge of getting sexually assaulted that day, still gives me chills.
I ask for everybody, whoever is reading my account, to know what’s lurking outside. I could never go to a police headquarters as one my dear companions let me know that there is no such law that criminalizes such act against men.

Changed My Life
I Caved In My Room, Paralyzed With Fear

This incident changed my life for ever. I make it a point to come back early and never go out at night.