This Dog Was Beaten So Badly That It Punctured His Lungs. You Need To Know Why

Another instance of animal cruelty has surfaced this time in Birmigham, United Kingdom . A man of Indian origin , Joginder Singh is now jailed for 3 months for viciously attacking his dog until a neighbor saw the scene and called the cops.
The entire incident has been captured on video. The man can be seen as mercilessly hitting his bull terrier with a POLE.

Joginder Singh caught on camera

When the dog was taken for treatment by Veterinary doctors, even his survival was not guaranteed. He had severely punctured lungs and could barely move.
That’s how badly he was beaten.
The injured dog

Dog being treated

Singh admitted using extreme force upon his dog and pleaded guilty when facing trail and is now banned from having any pets for 10 years as a punishment for his unspeakable act.
However this man is no stranger to animal cruelty. A passerby had earlier seen Singh beating the dog in October last year.
Humanity’s true test is it’s attitude towards those who are at it’s mercy. Acts of such animal cruelty are truly awful and saddening.
Thankfully , the dog is now recovering from his injuries in the care of RSPCA where he has found a new name , Samson.
Samson has recovered

Thankfully the dog is making a speedy recovery and getting a lot of love and affection from the people at RSPCA.
You can watch the video below , but we wish to notify you that you may find the content extremely upsetting.