If You Think You're Life's Hard, Meet This Boy Who's Own Skin Is His Biggest Enemy !

Jonathan Pitre who is just fourteen has experienced so much pain by now which is lifetime for most of us. He is suffering from Epidermolysis Bullosa, a disease in which skin falls away.
The teenager is born with this disease and due to this his skin falls away even at slightest knock. It causes him stark pain with wounds and blisters all over his body looking similar to third degree burns.

Jonathan's skin falls away even at slightest touch
Cuts and Blisters

His skin is as delicate as butterfly’s wings so he is often called “butterfly boy”. People around simply calls it the worst condition anyone has ever heard of. In excruciating pain, he often spends nights awake in suffering. His skin falls away even at the slightest touch which cause him immense pain.
His body is wrapped by bandages because his skin falls away
Applying Ointment on Bandages

His mom Tina Boileau, 35, wraps him in bandages from head to toe so that her son can’t get infections. She is so helpless that she can’t do anything but see her son in pain.
But despite all these sufferings he is surprisingly upbeat and inspiring those around him. He is also the ambassador of EB charity DEBRA Canada and has upraised over $100,000 to find a remedy of this disease.