Think Your Hubby Is Having An Extramarital Affair?

Extramarital affair is a pretty common affair in the present generation. The old good days when monogamy was practiced vividly have gone. In the present era, having an affair is common for both, the male as well as the female counterpart of a relationship. But if you really want to get into the depth of it, here are a few ways to know if your husband is having an affair.

1. The Casual Talks

Extramarital Affair: Casual Talks
Casual talks can lead to the rise of suspicion

One of the ways to judge if your husband or your boyfriend is having an extramarital affair with someone is by observing his conversations. Often than usual, he might slip out a random name in the conversation. That someone might be your friend, his friend, or even someone you never knew. And if any such thing happens, beware!

2. The Irritation

Extramarital Affair: Irritation
Your husband will get irritated on petty issues

If your significant other suddenly starts getting irritated over every petty issue, get things cleared up with him. It might be a sign that he is developing an inclination towards someone else, and hence is getting irritated by your talks.

3. Dressing up

Extramarital Affair: Dressin up
Your husband will try to look the best.. ALWAYS

Earlier, when you guys used to go out, or even when you guys stayed in-house, you might have seen him all messy, wearing boxer shorts with a T-Shirt, but when he lands up in an extramarital affair, you will observe him taking care of his looks to an extreme extent. Buying new clothes matching the fashion style of the day would become his hobby!

4. Behavior

Extramarital Affair: Behavior
Behavioral Analysis might just help you

If you do a little of behavioral analysis on your significant other, you will observe a massive change in it. He will be trying to spend as much time away as possible by giving excuses like “I got stuck in office” or “I have a business trip” when actually, he JUST MIGHT BE spending time with the girl he has a new crush on.

5. Different Scent

Extramarital Affair: Scent
Sniff your boyfriend/husband

Well, this one is old school. When your guy is having an extramarital affair, a different scent MIGHT be coming from his clothes when he “returns from office.” And the reason behind it is the exact one that just hit you! Moreover, if he regularly comes back home freshly showered, start getting some solid proof to support your suspicion.

6. Avoiding social gatherings

Extramarital Affair: Social gatherings
Your husband will act as a loner

If the guy is avoiding social gatherings or family get-together, it might be a sign that he is spending time with someone else, or probably is on the phone with the one he is having an affair with. Pick up these clues and get assured about it.

7. Multiple Social Media accounts

Extramarital Affair: Social Media
Hidden social media accounts for talking to the new girlfriend

Some might think that this is far too much, but yes, this does happen, and is most common with those people whose girlfriends check their Facebook and WhatsApp accounts regularly. For these people, there is just one resort to talk to their new love, and that is by creating another social media account.

8. The Clean WhatsApp

Extramarital Affair: Clean WhatsApp
He would constantly be deleting his messages

If you pick up the phone of your significant other, for no specific reason whatsoever, you will see a plight of panic flowing through him. He would get hold of the phone and start deleting a few messages and photographs from his album. And in some cases, you might observe that his text history is blank. Though you are stalking him at this moment, but he is also not doing anything worth appraisal.

9. The private phone calls

Extramarital Affair: Private Phone Calls
He will get private with his phone calls

Maintaining an extramarital affair is not an easy task. It becomes evident after some time. And if your partner suddenly starts going private on his phone calls, get the hint. Instead of going through his call log, just ask him directly.

10. He becomes a fight-picker

Extramarital Affair: Fight picker
He starts picking small fights

When the guy is in having an affair, he would suddenly start picking some fights with you, or even his family members. He would try his best to get some time alone.
These signs might just help you out in finding if your husband or your significant other is having an affair. But be sure that these signs just don’t ensure anything. Moreover, instead of stalking him, be supportive. Clarify everything and come to a conclusion. Don’t drag him if he is not interested as happiness could not be achieved in that manner.