Things You Should Never Say To Your Boyfriend

We’ve been lately reading heaps of stuff regarding being in love, things that are a must-do to win your man’s heart, things that turn men on, things a boyfriend expects in a relationship and on and on. Hey? Wait wait we’ve discussed all the goods but what about the bad honey?
There are things a woman surely needs to take care of , things which are just not supposed to be said to a boyfriend, like never ever you know?
Here’s a list of things you should never say to your boyfriend-


You know even my EX used to say that

Couple fights

Never ever compare your present boyfriend with your Ex-boyfriend. You might end up pissing him off really bad which is not needed right? Talking about your Ex in the context of he used to do the same or even he liked/disliked this food or even his favourite colour was black etc. Men like to be appreciated and they hate the fact when you bring out your past when he’s with you.