Things you need to know about the Yami Gautam–Pulkit Samrat controversy!!

Bollywood celebrities have always been mired in controversies. The new gossip involving Yami Gautam-Pulkit Samrat is trending everywhere. The worst part of the controversy is that many versions of the same stories are doing rounds in the glam-world of cinema. The glitzy eyed beauty from Chandigarh and the handsome hunk from Delhi seem to have something between them. It could however be a publicity stunt for their upcoming movie, Sanam Re.

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But what is the truth in the whole episode? Is it for real? Or is it just a story? Well, Bollywood has a lot of secrets and scandals. The whole thing has been camouflaged by hush-hush parables. As the saying goes, there’s no smoke without fire, there could be a lot of covert facts entangled into this. But the saucy bit is the enigmatic touch to the whole story.
Let us take a look at the possible angles to the account.

Pulkit’s ex-wife Shweta Rohira denies the allegations

Who’s Shweta Rohira? She’s known to the world as Salman Khan’s rakhi sister. Married last year to the “Fukrey” lead, their marriage is on the rocks in a few months only. For the last three months, they have not been on talking terms. Many allege that this has been due to the growing closeness between Pulkit Samrat and Yami Gautam. They have been roped together for the movie, Sanam Re.  However, the ex-wife is the one who denies the whole story.

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“My husband and Yami were never close. The separation is due to his family. I am reconciled with this fact.” Shweta was quoted as saying. She further stated that his private matters are of no concern to her.

Pulkit has broken up with Yami

Meanwhile speculations are rife that Pulkit Samrat has broken up with Yami. It may be a step to save his image. After all, image is everything in world of cinema. People are quite sensitive to a star’s impression. Moreover, the movie might get affected. Filmmakers and actors are playing it safe because big budgets are involved. Any sort of blemish or controversy could have adverse effect on the movie. More so, if the stars are quite popular with the audience.

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Yawn! It could be another public stunt

Since big stakes are involved in movies, publicity could propel the film’s collection at Box Office. So it could be saucy controversy. Yami is one of the most sensible actresses according to the industry insiders. She would never take a step that could be retrogressive to her career or her hard work. Nevertheless, there are no concrete evidences in this regard.

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Whatever be the issue, this matter has sparked a lot of interest in the media. Posts and reports are doing rounds in leading dailies. We wonder what the truth is. What about you all?