Things You Need To Keep In Mind While Going On A Flight With Pets !!

Pussycat, pussycat, where have you been? I have been to London——–,
Travelling is much fun and especially if your travelling companion is your soul mate or should I say your lovable pet. However, do try not flying with your pets, especially your pet cat, with you on your air trip as cats find it very difficult to adjust to new surroundings and they go through a lot of stress, which can prove harmful to its health.

But if you do have to travel with your pet and it is not possible for you to put your pet in a trusted animal shelter or a kennel or with an animal babysitter, then there are some important do’s and don’ts which you have to follow while making an airplane journey with your pet. Let us have a look at the 7 tips or shall I say commandments to follow when flying with pets.

1. Make a List for Your Pet


Do remember to keep the following things ready before the flying day :-

  • A pet passport
  • A pet carrier
  • A pet taxi
  • A list of pet transporters

If all the papers are in order, you won’t waste time on the airport and your pet will be loaded on the flight without much delay. Thus, making your pet’s flight a happy experience.

2. Cabin Mate, Anyone?


Do remember when flying, it is important to find out in advance if the airline allows your pet to travel with you in the cabin. If not, then you will need to prepare your pet to spend time in its carrier before you allow it to be loaded in the luggage section of the flight.

3. Take a Direct Flight

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It is advisable to choose a direct flight as much as possible when flying with pets. This will reduce the stress on your pet as they won’t be loaded and off-loaded again and again. Also, they won’t have to spend more time on the tarmac and you cannot be sure of the weather as well as environmental conditions at the airport at that particular instance.

4. May I Have Your Pets ID Please?

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You need to place a proper identification on your pet. Make sure you attach an ID on the pets collar, if possible as well as attach a tag on the pet’s crate. Write your name, your pet’s name. your mobile number, address, as well as a photo of your pet. In case you pet escapes from the crate (God forbid, the horror!), the photo will help identify your pet easily. Keep a copy of the pet photograph along with you as well.

5. Screening Time

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Do make sure that the airline and airport security allows you to hold your pet outside its carrier for security screening or allows a special screening, without asking you to remove your pet from its carrier. Thus, when travelling with pets, make sure your pet is not removed from the carrier at the customs. This will reduce the stress the pet undergoes out of fear and anxiety.

6. Pack the Pet’s Favorite Toy

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In order to comfort you pet when flying; place their favorite toy within the crate. This will make the pet feel more comfortable and home. It will also keep them chewing on the toy and thus, help reduce their anxiety. Avoid placing tidbits or rawhide treats. You don’t want your pet to vomit all over when flying.

7. Let’s Give a Comforting Hug

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Do make sure that as soon as you reach your destination, you first and foremost open your pet’s carrier and check to see if it is safe and sound. If you find any danger signs do take it to a vet immediately. Hold your pet and comfort it to make it feel safe and assured.

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Do follow these 7 commandments when you need to fly with your pet. After all, your pet is more than just a pet. They are family and you never leave your family in distress.