10 Things Women Wish They Were Told About Falling In Love, By Their Parents

There is so much about love that we women know, so much about love that we grew up learning, so much about love that is taught like history and so much that is yet to be explored. Love? What is it? When do you know that this connection has a click and this is it? Falling in love? Is it some rocket science? Do those imaginary violins really play when you fall in love? Is it the mind that stops working or is it the heart that goes off track when you fall in love?
Oh love is so complicated? Or is it we women who end up making it look complicated? But then you know what? There are certain things we women wish were told by our parents about falling in love. Would have been a great help no?
Let’s know what are those things?

1. There’s no concept called perfect love story


Now this is surely the most important thing parents must tell their daughters. We women generally have that concept cooking in our heads called “I wanna have a perfect love story”. But then at times we wish we knew that there’s no such concept called perfection in love and relationships. Every relationship is special in its own way. So stop running behind this perfect love story crap.

2. Men can be really stupid and dumb at times


Oh yes you need to know that before falling in love you know? Parents must tell this to their daughters that men, yes you heard it right, even men can act really stupid and dumb at times. He might be in hell a lot of love with you but then along with that he might be stupid and dumb enough to never realize it and what else? He can be stupid and never admit it too. So you gotta understand that and play your own saviour at times in your love story.