Things that Vaseline Can Do You Must Know

VASELINE!!!! Oh yes, you heard it right. I am talking about the super versatile product called vaseline. Who doesn’t know about it after all? We all have used it and it’s need is somehow unbeatable.
But then there are so many hidden uses of vaseline that we never really noticed or never really knew. Let’s know what are they? What say?

1. Say bye bye to dry skin patches


Those dry irritating skin patches suck isn’t it? No more honey, try vaseline for them. 🙂

2. Lice!! Vaseline hates them 😀

Bug on hair_480x480

Apply a thick layer of vaseline on your scalp before wash for around an hour. It will help you get rid of lice by smothering them.

3. Windburns? Oh vaseline can cure that

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Time to say goodbye to those windburns caused by those harsh and cold winds. Vaseline is the cure honey. 🙂