Things That Prove Men Are Kids Inside

Men, although hard and tough on the outside but rarely people observe the tiny kid hiding inside the body of an adult man. Men have a traditional tough guy attitude in them since ages but if you spend time with your loved one you will observe that there is a kid living inside their head. Due to the societal needs the kid inside disappears. One adult must not loose his childishness otherwise life won’t be fun anymore.
Here are a few things all men do to keep the child inside them happy.

1. Men have the tendency of hating new food even before trying it.

They already hate the never tasted Sushi

Before tasting anything new men already designate the food item as Yuck! The child inside loves his old loved food items being a little worried to taste the new one.

2. You don’t reply to their text in 15 mins and their world              turns upside down.

Why don’t you love me.

All men get fits if you don’t reply to their text immediately. It’s always hard to explain them the urgency of situations like some important meeting or work etc.

  3. They always act messed up before a meeting.

The black tie or the grey one.

The worry on their faces is clearly observable before an important meeting or so. Literally they Google Black Tie or Business Casual before the meeting.