Things That Our Foreign Returned Friends, NRIs Hate About India

  • The Desi Food

TBH, they eat desi food with a lot of enthusiasm and passion but it is the after effect that scares the hell out of them. They cook the same dishes abroad, in their own kitchens but when they eat them here in India, the taste multiplies but it makes their stomach upset and they end up cursing. Anyway, Indian food is something worth making tummy upset, plus it is always filled with love and ghee and spices.

  • The Indian Traffic

This is one funny thing, watching NRIs curse at the traffic in India. You’ll know it if you’ve witnessed or just go and ask any friend of yours who knows the feel. But this is a fact, traffic in India is a mess, people (including all of us) must be aware of the traffic rules and people must have the basic traffic sense.

  • India Ka Pyaar

Many NRIs hate the way Indians treat their guests, and especially the love poured on the foreign return grandchildren or great grandchildren can sometimes make NRIs nauseated! One big example of this can be seen in Namastey London and how Jass hated the way people pampered her here in India.

  • The Toilet Jet Hurts

Hahaha, this is one big problem with desi angrej’s they hate the way Indians poop! It is not very acceptable in India to use toilet paper and people commonly use jets and are mostly out on toilet papers and jets are too harsh for the delicate ass our foreign returns have.

  • Indian Marriages

No matter how crazy foreigners are for Indian weddings but our own people who have settled abroad, purely hate it. They hate the very idea of having such a big gathering, hogging on food, drinking till they fly and making non-sense moves. NRIs hate this! But unfortunately some part of their families are back here and they have to go through all the customs if they are getting married here or even if they are a part of any marriage.

  • Weather, Be It Any…

One thing NRIs can never stop complaining about is weather in the country. If it’s hot, it gives them headache and they’ll need an A/C to keep them calm and if it is cold, it will make their body ache and they’ll need a heater to feel good. And because they are foreign returned, we Indians tend to make them feel comfortable, anyhow!

  • Slums

This is one thing we Indians also hate but ironically we will never let these demolish because our house maids and servants come from here. NRIs hate such areas but a kind hearted one will always step forward to donate or feed.

  • Power Cuts


They completely hate power cuts, they do not understand the reason behind this, they believe that we pay taxes and so we must get full power supply, little do they know about the vote banks!

  • When People Stare

Something not very common for them, in India every person, from beautiful 16 year old to a shivering 80 year old is used to being stared at, be it girls or guys with a different look. This makes them conscious about themselves, little do they know, people are just noticing!

  • Marriage Proposals

Most Indian parents have a dream to marry their child to an NRI and when they see one, who is available, all they do is throw their child in hope of the NRI to catch him/her!