Things Indians Should Quit Doing Now

3. Blaming Everything On The Government
Why do we have to keep blaming the government for everything that goes wrong in our country? People have never ending problems and all the blame is put on the government. Small things such as traffic problems are also added in the account of government but when someone comes up with a solution like Odd-Even, we do not stand by. People have a problem of analyzing and scrutinizing things from all aspects. But why do we not understand that not everything is black or white, somethings have flaws but they still serve the purpose.

4. Giving Away Food And Spending Money On Lifeless Idols
People from all religion, tend to spend a lot of money in worshiping their deities. They believe their deities will provide them everything they need and want in life, but if that is the case, why do they have the need to bribe their deities with things he/she is going to grant them with?
We have seen streams of milk going down the drains of a temple and poor beggars sitting outside in hope of getting something to eat or drink. So why do we send the essentials down the drains when we can always do a better cause by giving it to the needy?