Things Indians Should Quit Doing Now

1. Follow Trends We Don’t Understand
70% of the population who did ice-bucket challenge, did not know the reason behind it. They thought it was all for no reason. Indian men are going crazy over No-shave November, poor thing, they don’t know the reason behind it. We Indians tend to follow anything and everything that is trending, just for the sake of fun and coolness of it! That is why “Sharma Ji” and his son is so famous in our country.

2. Doing Things We Don’t Mean To
We hate that Bhopal waali Bhua but we got to invite her and show how much we respect, for the sake of showing off. We are so talented, in our country we have IIT graduates, working in banks! Makes no sense, does it?
Girls who could have been better businesswomen are made to go into teaching, so that they can handle their future married lives. People in our country have no idea what they are doing and what they actually want to do.