These Youngest Self Made Millionaires Are Surely Going To Make You Envious!

1. John Koon

This young boy is the youngest entrepreneur and he started making millions of dollars ever since he was of age 16 through his automobile, clothing and fashion business. John’s total worth is around $80 million.

2. Jordan Maron   

He is the famous YouTuber who goes by the name Captain Sparklez. When he was just 18 years old he launched his Captain Sparklez YouTube channel. He is one of the most profitable YouTuber, with millions of subscribers, countless views, and a worth of over $8.2 million.

3. Evan of EvanTube

When just 8 years of age, Evan started his Youtube channel called Evantube. He reviews toys and other things that kids his age are interested in. He makes approx. $1.3 million a year from his channel. Jealous yet?

4. Ashley Qualls

At 14 years of age Ashley Qualls launched a site called She offered her design services to clients who wanted personalized layouts for their social networking pages. now has around 7 million visitors, and she earns millions from ad sense.

5. Carl Churchill

This young British entrepreneur started ventured into the Web design business at age 12.  He made his first million at age 19. Today he’s worth around $10 million.

6. Dominic McVey

At just age 13, Dominic started importing scooters from the U.S. (which were much cheaper than what was domestically available) and selling them in UK. He was a millionaire by the age of 15. McVey’s assets worth around $10 million now.

7. Tyler Dikman

Dikman made it big when he started a computer supply business called at the age of 15. It was an educative website aimed to provide online safety lessons to computers and internet users. By the time Tyler turned 17, he was making a million dollars in sales, and advertising.

8. Nick D’Aloisio

Nick, 16,  founded an app named Summly. The application processes the news on mobile devices by using natural language processing and machine learning to generate informative, bite-sized summaries. Nick sold his company to Yahoo for $30 million in 2013 making him one of the youngest self made millionaires in the world. 

9. Robert Nay

At 14 years of age, Robert Nay created a mobile application – Bubble Ball which made him an overnight millionaire. The mobile game has been downloaded over 16 million times around the globe and it even displaced the Angry Birds game from its top position for some time.

10. Mark Zuckerberg 

And sure above all personalities that we are aware of. The founder of Facebook himself who was not only a self made millionaire but a billionaire before he turned 30.