10 Smartphone Photography Tips Will Help You Make Your Pictures Go From Average To Awesome

For some, photography is a passion while for others, it is something that gives them happiness but is long-lost in some random depths. No one other than the person himself can reach those depths. But with the technologically advancing world, there has been something that has helped these budding photographers pursue their hidden talent and passion. And for others who think that they don’t have talent in this field but sure do have a passion, this technology does help them getting a shot at it. The technology is of smartphone photography.
Whenever one witnesses a landscape urging him to capture the moment, instead of preparing his DSLR or professional camera for the same, he would simply take out his smartphone, click the picture and apply preset filters. This is the ease they get while doing smartphone photography. Here are a few tricks that can enhance the photographer in you!

1. Know your phone

Smartphone Photography: Know your phone
Know your phone’s camera settings

Many people own a phone with such camera settings that can do wonders but still don’t use it because they are not equipped with the knowledge of these settings. So the first step is to know the variations in focus, exposure, white balance and ISO in your phone’s camera so that you can stop relying on those preset settings. This can help you click some amazing photographs with your archaic Nokia 3110c as well! So buckle up for doing some great smartphone photography.

2. Do a panorama sequence

Smartphone Photography: Panorama Sequence
A panorama sequence looks amazing

For those who don’t know about it, a panorama sequence is a panorama with the subject occurring again and again. Confused? Don’t be as the process is really simple. All you have to do is ask a friend to change his position over and over once you have took a single frame in panorama. As the subject will move, he will appear more than once in the compiled image, thus making the photograph, somewhat unique.

3. A transit panorama

Smartphone Photography: Transit Panorama
A transit panorama

Panorama mode is something that gets better by the way you experiment with it. It’s a no-brainer that for experimentation, sky is the limit. One such innovators clicked a panorama while travelling in a vehicle and the view it gave was pretty mesmerizing. This gave rise to this idea in which, you can increase the frame size by simply clicking a panorama of the outer scenery while travelling.