These One Night Stand Horror Stories Will Blow Your Mind Away!!

One Night Stand is the perfect way of getting pleasure without any commitments, but these turned into the horror stories that will make you laugh!

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I Gave Her The Infection

“I recently had a one night stand, the girl was a friend, met her on Tinder. Being in India, I never knew it would be so easy to have sex with someone, without getting into a relationship. And the girl was pretty decent too. It was my first time with a One Night Stand, and it was totally worth it. We had a great time, she even had a series of orgasm, didn’t seem to be fake. So, overall it was fun thing and we bonded as friends.
Being assure of the fact that she enjoyed it too, I texted her 2 days later.
“Wanna come over? The flat is empty.” 
“Sorry, can’t. I have got a infection down there, I am on meds.” 
“Oh Fuck, I am sorry.”
“That’s fine, happens. :)”
“No, I was suffering from it, just found it was contagious!”
“DIE, idiot!” 

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I called her up and she didn’t pick it.”

He Started Crying

“I am Chandigarh based, Delhi University student. I am pursuing my Law here and met this really tall and handsome guy at a college fest. He was introduced to me by a friend. We all, after the fest got over, went over to the mutual friends’. We all had a lot of booze and some maal, we all were high. Good Trip.
We all ended up talking and then gradually, 5 out of the 7 people, went to sleep. This hot guy and I sat and talked. Since it was Feb mid, the weather was chilling and we decided to sit on balcony and ended up making out, it was. He is a brilliant kisser, as far as I know and also he has a firm hand and knows the exact points. Ahem!
We shifted our horny, toxic asses to one of the room, and started undressing each other, it was very gentle, compared to his looks, he was way to smooth. After the deed was done, I got up and dressed into a loose shirt, from my friend’s wardrobe and went to get some coffee.

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To my surprise, when I came back to the room, the guy was weeping. I couldn’t put it together, how would I! Kept the coffee aside and consoled, I didn’t know what to console him for. His words still make me have goosebumps, “You so look like my dead fiancee and even do it her way.” God knows how I managed to spend the rest of the night with him.

Unfortunately, He Was My Brothers Roommate

I went to see my brother in Patiala, he is a B-tech student. We are a Delhi based family, he’s the younger one. I had to go there for some business meet up. I decided to stay a night at his room, he and one of his hot friend share the room. The guy never really talked much and used to address me Di, but he was hell hot, and I knew he wasn’t too young for me, he was just a year younger, my brother is 3 years younger to me.
My brother went to take his class, I was alone at the room. I took a shower and wrapped my self in a big towel. I was sitting, the door knob twisted, I thought it would be my brother, but it was the roommate. It was quite awkward for both of us to see me in the towel but then I stood up, he came and pulled off my towel, he could see, I wanted it.
Soon, we both were shaking the bed, it was one hell of an experience, the guy was awesome!

We both forgot to lock the door and my baby bro came in, unaware of the fact that his sister was being banged by his roommate. He turned around, and said “Seriously?

I poked her ass, she was my students mother

I am working as a chemistry tutor, I am just 25 though. I usually go for home tuition, they pay a lot. I was teaching a girl, she was a 10th grader and I somewhere felt, she had an eye on me. Never mind, she was beautiful, and mature for her age.
One day, I reached early, her mother was home and she wasn’t back from school. Her mom is a single mother, her father separated. The woman is jaw drop sexy and too bold. The total “YummyMummy” types. As we sat and discussed her daughter’s performance, she made me tea. She dropped the vase and she bends to pick it up, something hit me and I ended poking up her ass. I swear, it was to delicious and firm.
She got straight, she wore a night robe, I got a bit nervous and awkward. Next thing I see is, she opening her robe and dropping it on the floor, she headed towards the bed room, I followed her. I was too excited and scared. She made me undress what was remaining on her body, a sexy pair of bra and a pantie. She took the leash, unzipped my pants, as I was to remove my shirt, she said “That won’t be required”.

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After 15 mins, I was teaching her daughter. After a month or so, her daughter proposed to me.

It was mid night, and he farted

Met him at a friend’s party, got drunk, went home back with him, he offered to drop. I was also in need of some adventure, just moved out of serious relationship. I offered him to come, for some coffee basically, but we both knew where it was going to end. He came up and we talked about every possible shit, for like an hour.
I had to start it, he seemed too shy, I got up and kissed him. I removed his shirt, hoping he’d undress me too, he didn’t, so I did the honors. He was busy kissing and playing with my tits, hell weird.

So, we finally took our business to the bed and we had wild sex. To my disbelief, he was too good at it. We tore each other apart, it was that vigorous. It looked more like a cardio session, plus the pleasure. We hit the point, did all that could have been done and then, just as we were about to sleep, he farted!