These Horror Movies Are Based On The True Experiences Of People!!

If you love horror movies, then these are the top picks, compiled just for you. Do you know all these movies have one thing in common? No, silly, we all know that these are horror movies. Do you know all of them were based on real life incidents?


This movie was based on true reports. An incident near Philadelphia, in which police officers saw something drop from the sky. When they arrived, they saw a giant blob emanating misty clouds. The blob had a small life, it broke up after a while only. When the FBI and the Air Force started investigating the case, they were shocked beyond words to uncover the whole truth.


This story was made on a real life incident involving two American tourists accidentally left behind on the Great Barrier Reef.  When the dive crew counted the number of passengers, they realized their folly. This incident was not the first of its type, as the two deserted passengers learn later in the movie. Though it is a must watch, the film sure is eerie.


This one takes the cake of the scariest movie ever made. This movie has been put together by combining incidents recounted by a Rhode Island Family, called The Warrens. They lived on a farm. The Warrens start noticing some paranormal activities and investigators later confirm the presence of unnatural entities in the house. They have been haunted continuously for nine years. The crux was that the farm was possessed by friendly and angry spirits. The speculations around the movie helped in its promotion.


This is the story of a young girl who is tortured and murdered. It is as real as the sweat on your forehead. Daughter of carnival workers, this girl is left in the care of a neighbor for a quarter year. The neighbor and some children in the same neighborhood torture and kill this girl. One of the worst crimes in American history, it is one of the best horror movies that was based on a real life incident.


This cult horror movie is a real classic. It has been decades since the movie has been made, but the thrill is intact. It is based upon an exorcism incident conducted on a boy for over two weeks in 1949 by Jesuit Priests in Maryland. I still get goosebumps recalling the scenes of the movie.


The strange looking crimes of Ed Geins recreated by a skilled director like Alfred Hitchcock. This incident is as true as the fact that The Sun Rises In The East. Geins lived in rural Wisconsin before the 1950s. Silence of the Lambs and Texas Chainsaw Massacre are reproductions of the same story.


In 1974, a man butchered six members of his own lovely family. After a few years, another family relocates into the house. They flee the scene after two fortnights. A lot of spooky things were going on in the house. The family couldn’t stand the terror and the torment. Nobody could prove that the house was haunted. Nobody could even know what was going on in the house. Only these two families knew the real truth.


This horror story has given others a lot of creeps to horror movie lovers. There are some people who dream of being stalked by Freddy Krueger and then eventually get murdered. When these dreams turn into reality, it gives rise to a lot of terror in the minds of spectators.

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