These Facts On How Google Has Changed Our Lives Are Undoubtedly True!!

When you don’t know the meaning of a word, or you are in a dilemma as to which route you should take to reach a certain place, you think of Googling it while you are actually searching for it on the web. This example teaches us how drastically a research project by two Ph.D. students has affected not only a particular sector, but all the age groups throughout the world. And the research project wasn’t even called Google in the beginning!
Imagine someone telling you to BackRub it? It would feel obscene, won’t it? The name of Google was actually BackRub when it was incorporated back in the 90’s by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Soon after the success of the project, the name was changed to Google, and rest as we know is history! A simple program initially written in Java and Python got developed to an unimaginable scale, a scale so huge that the name of the project started being used as a word of its own. Mentioned below are a few ways in which, Google has changed our lives.
1. The New Lingo

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You won’t ever say “Bing it” or “Yahoo it” when you actually want to search a phrase on the Internet, despite these two being some of the most prominent search engines available as of now. This point can’t be focused anymore that Google has become so common to every person all around the world that people who don’t even know the meaning of Internet are well acquainted to the word, Google. If this is not success then nothing in this path of business can be called success!
2. The Brain Changing Google

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It might not seem obvious despite being obvious because Google has in a way, limited the thinking capacity of our brain. We have become so dependent on the features offered by the site and its subsidiary companies that we have stopped applying our own mind on anything. We turn to Google even for the smallest of doubts or calculations, which is not at all healthy.
3. Easy Mailing Services

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Google’s mailing service, called Gmail, has made our life much easier. When the Internet was just at its rising stage, which eventually was not a long time ago, we had to keep our mail inboxes clean and tidy due to the extremely small amount of space available. Moreover, checking mails has become much easier with its incorporation in our mobile devices.
4. Making Travel Easier (and Virtual as well)

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With the advent of Google Maps in our lives, the offline navigator maps that we used to consider while travelling have become a thing of past. Google Maps have altered our life on such a scale that we are no longer afraid of going to a new remote location, as we won’t have to ask for directions from the passer-bys. Moreover, the public transport guy that used to charge us extra just because we were alien to the place is no longer able to charge us more than he should. And the best part is for people who like to remain a couch potato and still look at the approachability of different places as they can visit places throughout the world right from their desk.
5. Improvised News Articles

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Earlier, there used to be a scenario where the title of a news article said something else while the whole news was not even close to what we searched for. But after Google’s development, SEO has enabled to get a spot-on article which we actually were looking for, and hence, there is no need for one to surf through the gibberish material. Moreover, Google News also provides an overview of the happenings throughout the world.
6. The Improved Way of Earning

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Google has also brought about the medium of earning for many of the individuals out there who have an innovative mind. In a way of promoting the electronic technology, Google has enabled AdSense that creates a medium for Google as well as the person owning the site, earn some money and make some hard cash. AdSense is one of the reasons; the number of blogs and sites are increasing on a large scale nowadays.
7. Made you wish that you should work at Google’s Office

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Despite of all the ease that Google has brought in, and despite of the corporate culture the company has entered in, Google Inc. never disappoints the youngsters or the elderly that wish to work there. The casual work culture has a lot of discipline as well, which has driven the dreams of millions of people on this Earth’s surface to work for a subsidiary of this huge corporation. Well done Google!
There are numerous other things like Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Translate, and our very favourite, YouTube, that work seamlessly in making our lives much more comfortable and easy. The fact that Google started from being JUST a search engine and the way it has overpowered the whole world is overwhelming, and an inspiration needs to be taken from it influencing each horizon of our life. Though it has made the processing of our mind, a bit slower than before!