These Are Some Awesome Tweaks To Keep An Organised Washroom !!

Beautiful Washroom, image credit:
Beautiful Washroom, image credit:

Check out the top hacks or tricks that could make your bathroom look like it is from the movies! Here’s to a better washroom.

You have a lovely home, an awesome interior design and an attractive patio or backyard area. Despite all this, people might still judge your home with a smirk if you happen to have an untidy washroom. The bathroom, along with a home kitchen, forms the focal point of a home. With the best accessories and design too, a home falls short of being perfect if the bathroom lacks aesthetics and cleanliness. Why worry when some easy tweaks to your washroom can tidy it up in a jiffy? Check out the top hacks or tricks that could make your bathroom look like it is from the movies! Here’s to a better washroom.

1. Smart Organization

Smart Organization for washroom
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Get smart with keeping the toiletries. Making best use of the corners is a big thing for bathrooms today. Why leave out any space when a simple rack can be placed for holding all your wares?

2. Mirror Cabinets

Mirror Cabinets
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Much like the medicine cabinets, these cabinets have a high functional value. What’s more is that these look funky too. Easily customizable and handy to clean, the mirror cabinets change the look of your bathroom.

3. DIY Holders

DIY Holders
Image credit: etsy

Make these trendy holders for shampoo bottles or manicure sets. All you need is a chopping board and some colorful cloth. Stick the piece of cloth on with superglue and get ready to hang your DIY holder on the bathroom wall.

4. Modular Tub Storage

Source: Ebay

While you may have always wanted a bathtub in your washroom, it could never get better than this. Saves oodles of space while taking modular storage to an all-new level, this bathtub is a must-have.

4. The Window Put To Use

bathroom window
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Did you revamp your home of late? Then you must have got an old window frame or two. Do not throw these away. You could use these to make an awesome bathroom wall cabinet. The frame and glass is already there. Your carpenter just needs to ensure it fits right on the wall. In case you want to buy an old window, then the recycling stores are your best bet.

5. Use Mesh Net 

Mesh net
Source: WayFair

This idea blew my mid- off. Use a mesh of net to attach them to the back of the shower curtain. This can form a superb space for storing bathroom must haves knick knacks and toiletries with ease.

6. Install Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves

These are economical, clever and space saving above everything. The floating shelves can be positioned anywhere and barely take much space. Pick shelves in bright colors that add contrast to your bathroom.

7. The Wine Rack

The Wine Rack
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An old trick for tweaking your bathroom. Use wine racks to cleverly hold your rolled towels. This looks stylish, saves space and also lets you add a fresh feel without breaking the bank.

8. Bin Up The Trash

Bin Up The Trash
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Attach a wire trash can to the back of your cabinet door in the bathroom. The trash can is handy, within reach yet not visible until you throw the cabinet door open! What more could you want for a tweak to your bathroom?

With these clever bathroom tweaks on the go, you will end up with lots of space saved and the hard-earned money saved too!


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