These Are Some Awesome Techniques Of Blackhead Removal !!

Blackhead Removal
Blackhead Removal

Tired of having blackheads all over your beautiful face? Have you even been pissed off with trying out those highly expensive, blackhead removal creams, scrubs and even those painful strips and messy masks?

And going to parlor doesn’t work too, does it? We all girls have been through this and why just girls, even boys get these bad looking blackheads. Blackheads are nothing but pores that get too widely opened that the dirt and oil combines together and forms black looking heads. Black heads make you look untidy and ugly.  Advertisement

What if you get a chance to remove them all with nothing expensive and no chemical, with everything natural and homemade? Let’s find out how to make your skin glow without blackhead troubles!

1. Scrub It With Flour (Atta)

A mild homemade scrub which smooths skin without any chemical based cream. It makes your skin oil free, without loosing on any essential oils. Just take a very small amount of flour in your hand and scrub the problem areas like nose, chin, forehead hard.
You do not need to wash your face before it, you can do a bit of icing after that and it will make you look fairer and clearer.

2. Egg White Mask

Extract your egg whites from the yellow part and dab a thin layer of this white portion on your skin in circular motion. Put the layer, all over your face, evenly and then, grab some facial tissues and put them on the egg white mask area.
Let the mask dry and then peel of the tissues gently. Wash your face with a mild face-wash.
The egg-whites help your skin pores getting tighter and also they remove heads and prevent the possible ones from growing.

3. Towel Scrubbing

While all the masks and treatments will require a specific amount of time and some free time to spare, we have something you can use daily.
Wash your face with fresh water, and then gently scrub off the heads with end of your towel. This will help you prevent blackheads and will also gently clean the ones on loose ends.
Do not forget to use a mild moisturizer after the scrubbing part.

4. Milk And Honey Mask

This makes your skin moisturize in the most natural way and also remove blackheads.
Make a paste with one spoon of organic honey and one spoon of milk. Microwave the mixture for 10 seconds to form a consistent paste.
Apply the paste all over your face and a thin layer of pure cotton over it. Let the paste dry for over 20 mins. Peel of the mask gently. And wash your face with clear water.

5. Baking Soda Mask

Baking soda Exfoliates your skin and makes it have a balanced pH level. It work wonders on blackhead too.
Mix your baking soda with fresh water, form a thick paste. The paste should be spreadable across your face. It makes your face clog free.
Remember not to over do it, it can make your face very dry. And so, apply a moisturizer after it.

6. Oatmeal and Yogurt Mask

2 tablespoon of Oatmeal, 3 tablespoon of Yogurt and some drops of lemon! Make a paste and apply the mask all over. This is a wonderful thing to do and you could see the results almost immediately.
All these ingredients are harmless, but avoid lemon if you have a dry skin.

7. Green Tea Treatment

This one is amazing and refreshes your skin. Green Tea is highly antitoxin and is considered good for drinking and so applying it on skin won’t harm, at all!
Brew a green tea bag in hot water, let it be dipped for at least 10 minutes. You are always recommended to use it after chilling it, as it makes your skin feel alive.
Just wash your face after the combo dries.


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