Best To Travel Beaches Around The World

I am going on a holiday. I am going on a holiday. I am gonna lose my mind, Beaches! Beaches! Beaches!
Let your hair down. Let your hair down. Say goodbye to the daily grind. Beaches, Beaches, Beaches!
I am off to the beaches, My Love.
Yes, my dears. I am planning to go on a holiday, and I love the sun and the sand. Yes, I am a big fan of the beaches. Under the sun, with my sun-tan on, I have the shades on my eyes with a sarong. Ah! That’s what I want. Where’s my pina colada? Oh, I am so into the mood. I wish I could toss off my uniform and relax in my casuals instantly.
But where should I go? There are so many sandy beaches in the world. Silly me, there’s sand on all the beaches. Looks like I am getting out of my mind. Why don’t you all read the post while I get over my holiday hangover.

1. Blinky Beach, Lord Howe Island, Australia

Blinky-BeachImage source:

Blinky Beach is what we all call the eastern side of Lord Howe Island. It is the best beach in Australia and the world. Amazing high waves and hordes of surfers. It is one of the most popular beaches on the island. Why? That’s because the population on the beach is sparse. So if you are in for a morning jog or want a moment of recluse, its the perfect spot. Blinky Beach also boasts a beautiful cove, and is the most preferred spot for sunbathing, swimming, and snorkel sports during low turbulence. There are a lot of fishermen and beachcombers here. In short, the mood is best for relaxation.

2. Barnes Bay, Anguilla

barnes-bay-west-lgImage source:

Is someone listening to me? There are so many beaches that look fab, but if you want to see something pristine, then Barnes Bay is your answer. I have been more of a Caribbean fan, because I love the people, the food and the laid-back attitude of the locals. The music is groovy. You will be hooked on it for a long time. Moreover, the sea fare is just yum. And the spices in the food just makes my day. All in all, if you are a people’s person and love to drink and party, then this should be the top choice in your list. If it isn’t, then you are missing out on tons of fun.

3. Teavora And Temae Beach, Moorea, French Polynesia

5697feacc58591430b12aeb2_Lopes-Mendes-beach-cr-gettyImage source: cntraveler

Now this beach is one of the most dangerous ones on the list. Why? It has got a reef which is an accident prone area. Otherwise, there are infinite reasons to not let this beach off your mind. Why? I like the environs that surround the beach. With nature all around, it’s serene in here. There are not many people around. The water looks spectacularly blue here. The visuals are exciting and the stun quotient is way over the top. I mean I don’t have the right words to express the mesmerizing beauty of this beach. Moreover, you should visit French Polynesia at least once in you. I won’t recommend surfing here, if you are faint-hearted and not much of an expert. The Sofitel Moorea Beach Resort is one heck of a hot-spot.

4. Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

Beach-2_54_990x660Image source: 10best

As the name suggests, the shape of the beach is akin to a horseshoe. The sand is beautifully decorated like millions of jewels on land. Its almost pink. It is a natural relic and a looker. In fact, its similar to a beach maiden. Why is it on my list? That’s because its one of the best in the world for sunbathing. What else? One cannot simply rank it on the top because of the scenery. I like it for the variety of sea-food that one gets around here. There are so many of them, that my mouth is actually watering. Wait, I am also smacking my lips. I can’t control myself. Bermudans are known food lovers. Their own palate and what they serve to tourists is simply lovely. So, this one’s for the food.
Remember to have a bird eye’s view on the beach. It is awesome. Remember to click a lot of pictures.

5. Puka Beach (Yapak), Boracay, Philippines

If you want to party, then go Puka, Puka, Puka. The name’s silly though. Someone told me that Puka was a shell was native to this beach only. I love it for something naughty. Yes, Puka has the perfect ambiance and resorts. So sex is simply great here. If you are out on a honeymoon, then Puka is the best place. There are so many lovely local lasses here. But that’s not all. Criticizing it for being a nymph haven is uncalled for. Focus on the amount of relaxation and fun you can have there. And yes, don’t miss out the food here too. It’s not that I am a glutton, but food is a great attraction to any beach destination and Puka can’t be left behind.

6. Long Beach, Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Thailand has a great culture. Yes, finally I focused on something that’s not food. Though I am a great fan of Thai food and the cuisine’s simply fabulous, I will focus on the best activities apart from chomping. The rustic scenery and the picturesque surroundings will engulf you the whole day. If you love sightseeing, then Long Beach is the best place on the planet. I love wining here. Yes you can guzzle on all kinds of organic wine without feeling tipsy. Party animals can go to Tonsai Village. Don’t miss out on the snorkeling. With oriental instructors, snorkeling can be a lot of fun.

7. Waipio Valley Beach, Big Island, Hawaii

waipio-valley-big-island-hawaiiImage source: twistedsifter

All you thrill seekers out there, here’s the perfect destination for you. This is one hangout which I recommend to every adventure seeker. Yes, danger lurks here while you enjoy your holiday. No, nothing’s much risky. But you gotta be cautious. The local houses are beautiful, so are the waterfalls. Its pure bliss in here. If there’s heaven on earth, its Waipio Valley Beach. Hawaii is one hell of a holiday hotspot. No wonder it attracts so many tourists all around the year. If the sky’s sunny, its perfect for a hike. Where’s my ukulele and straw hat? I am off!

8. Praia Mole, Florianopolis, Brazil

Panoramica_Praia_Mole_-_Florianopolis_-_BrasilImage source: commons.wikimedia

If we are talking about beaches, then how the heck can we miss Brazil. That’s because El Brasilio is the best holiday destination that’s been on earth from the time this planet was born. I simply cannot stop myself from daydreaming. Brazil has one of the best Latin American cuisines in South America. But its not all about food here. The resorts are the best. I love the beach activities in Praia Mole. The locals are quiet fun-loving and the ambiance is infectious. Surfing, beach volleyball and soccer, you will be spoiled for choice. Don’t miss it at any cost.

9. Pansy Island, Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique


Now this is the best among the rest. Of course, the site is great. Then what’s so special about it? One, it’s an Afro destination and I love it. Africans are the best hosts and they know how to make their guest feel easy and unwind from a hectic lifestyle. I prefer it for the costs though. The pricing is perfect. But above all the spas and the resorts are something to crave for. I would have preferred to use the word die instead of crave, but don’t die before you visit Pansy Island. The Archipelago has an interesting marine life and the reef is worth looking. Don’t miss this one out at any cost.

10. El Nido, Palawan, Phillippines

el-nido-good-shotImage source: creativelunatics

El Nido translates into The Nest and that’s what it is. A cute little island that’s home to fifty small islands. I can’t wait to toss my shoes and wear my flip flops, a capri and light flower motif t-shirt. After all, the perfect beach or should I say beaches, should demand the perfect attire. There is so much to do. If you love diving, you get it. Snorkeling, surfing or fishing, whatever you want. Again the locals are the best hosts and they will make you feel at home. But be wary of the beachcombers or suspicious guys around the beach. The best beach activity? Well take a lounge chair and order some coconut water and put on your shades. There, you are ready for a long, long holiday. Yawn! I am off to dreamland.
Whew! That was some work. I thought writing about beaches would be easy, since I love it so much. But I had fun sprinting from one corner of the world to another. That’s a lot of beaches. Now, folks, make sure you visit all of them once. Remember to share the list with your friends.