There Was Nobody Behind The Door, But It Wouldn't Open. Was It His Last Trick ?

This is a real life experience with my dead prankster friend, Alex.
I worked with an insurance company as a clerk. There were thirteen other colleagues in my staff, which consisted of six females and seven males. We were very close friends and went out for lunch together every day. We were like family. But four of us were very close. Their names were Alice, Anne, Don and Alex. We used to have a lot of fun in office. That’s what used to keep us engrossed.
Alex likes to play pranks on everybody in the office. He often targets me. His favourite prank is holding the door shut when I come to office. Our office door is made of thick see-through glass. His desk is right in front of the office door. He has played this prank on me multiple times.
Life went on like this and we were happily enjoying ourselves. There is an age-old saying, ‘All good things must come to an end.’ We were going to experience a sudden change in our lives.
One day, we got a call from one of our clients. We couldn’t believe our ears. It was the worst tragedy. We hadn’t expected it. It was about five in the evening. I can never forget the date. It was fourth of October. The year was 2009. Alex had been involved in a tragic car accident and had passed away. He had died on the spot due to severe head injuries. We were shocked and saddened.
We couldn’t hold back our tears. We kept crying the whole day ruing that we had lost a great friend. We were told his body will be arriving tomorrow. After the autopsy had been performed, we prepared for the memorial service the next day.
It was the Memorial Day. All of us attended Alex’s memorial service except our accounts clerk, Lily and one of the senior clerks who had to attend an important meeting.
We were all heartbroken. On seeing Alex’s wife and two young children crying, we found it difficult to control our grief. The feeling had worsened. After the memorial service was over, we went back to the office. We headed home during that evening.

The Next Day

As usual, I arrived to office early around half past six in the morning. I was usually the first one to arrive to the office and unlocked the door. I took my keys out and unlocked the door, but when I pushed the door it wouldn’t budge. I shook it again with all my might. It wouldn’t move.
The first thought that crossed my mind was that I didn’t turn the key properly. That’s why the door was still locked. Again I took my keys out and tried unlocking the door. To my surprise, the door was not locked at all. I push the door again but it was jammed.
Now I was a bit scared. I started to inspect the door whether there was something that was blocking it. But I couldn’t spot anything. I moved the key in the keyhole again and again. The door wouldn’t open.
I was puzzled about the situation. I kept on rotating the key again and again in the keyhole. I was getting frustrated.
That’s when I saw him. I felt a light breeze coming from my office and at the same time saw a silhouette of a man standing in front of me. The figure stood there for a few seconds, then vanished. I just stood there wondering what I had seen just now. Then the realization hit me like a thunderbolt. I stood there, smiling with tears in my eyes. I knew it was Alex, playing his last trick on me. I pushed the door again and sure enough, the door opened easily.
I sat down in my chair, silently. My friend had come to say his last goodbye.