Martyr Capt. Tushar Mahajan Killed By Terrorists

The army working perennially, even at midnight, just to make our lives safe. They won’t even mind helping a random stranger in need especially during a rescue mission. They are the ones who have always been there to support us. They lay down their lives for us without even flinching. Still we do not care for them. Yes, Indians do not care for a martyr.
Why? Ask yourself. Such people often go unnoticed. Their virtuous deeds are unappreciated. Though they are awake during the night, omnipresent at the scene of war. Silently fulfilling their assignments of protecting the common people of India, they fade into oblivion. The only catch of their lives is to serve the nation.

Martyr 1
Captain Tushar Mahajan And His Friend

We salute the army men who sacrifice their sleep and their lives to keep the country safe by patrolling at night. Many of them are doing it at sub zero temperatures.

One such officer is Captain Tushar Mahajan, the martyr in Pampore, Jammu And Kashmir. His last Whatsapp status reads. “It will sleep wrapped in the closet with the tricolour…..It’s patriotism, Sir……It is recalled on certain dates.”
Martyr 2
Captain Tushar Mahajan During Posting In Pampore

When nation was busy mingled with the Jat tussle for reservation, and JNU was protesting for equivocal rights. Captain Tushar Mahajan, was busy eliminating terrorists in Pampore.
Joining the army was his childhood dream and he had the zest to lay down his life fighting for the nation. Check out his profile on Facebook, Bhagat Singh’s pictures are posted there. So you see how driven he was towards his goal, that of protecting the country.
Martyr Captain Tushar Mahajan
Mother Of Captain Tushar Mahajan

While the nation wrestled for social equality and other selfish means, our valiant heroes will keep on laying down their lives for the country. They are proud to be a martyr.
Are you ashamed, Indians? Are you even listening? Do you even care for your soldiers. If not start now!