The Spookiness Of This Castle Has Led To Everyone Leaving The Place!!

Travelling down on the Franklin Boulevard in Cleveland, one wouldn’t expect facing a castle in front of him, and suddenly appears the allegedly most haunted house of Ohio, the Franklin Castle. One would normally expect this to be built or initially owned by someone named Franklin, but eventually, the actual owners of this house was Hannes Tiedemann. Cudell & Richardson was the architect firm behind this structure built originally for a German immigrant, Hannes Tiedemann in 1881.



This successful banker asked the architectural firm to make the house as unique as possible, which hence included about 30 rooms spread over four storeys with the grand ballroom taking up whole of the top storey. Tiedemann along with his wife and mother moved into the newly built house upon completion and started leading a happy life here. It was a normal life in this house for the family with several kids being born there, but soon after, something went vividly wrong.