Zero Percent Publicity, 1.5 Times The Prize – This Is How This Candy With Tangy Flavor Earns Crores!!

DS Group, which is mainly known for its tobacco brands, Baba and Tulsi, along with the extremely renowned mouth freshener cum paan masala, Rajnigandha, has always been shredding hundreds of thousands of bucks in publicity. It seems that the marketing heads of DS groups believe in rigorous product placement in all aspects of life, and hence engage Bollywood stars like Akshay Kumar for publicizing their products. They place their advertisements in the form of TVC as well as in print media on a timely basis. Despite of the large number of businesses DS group is involved in, they planned a whole new different model for their latest product, Pass Pass Pulse.

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Pass Pass which has been engaging the youth of the country for a long time now with its mouth fresheners, got a new product added into its name. The hard-boiled candy was launched as a pilot for checking customer reviews in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Delhi about 8 months back, and added a few parts of Maharashtra to its territory a few months back. Since it was a pilot model, there was no publicity of the candy or the company entering into hard-boiled candies and chewing gums business. But the rapport of the candy was for beyond predictable.

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As we know, in India, candies are the perfect substitute of change when a product is bought from a shopkeeper. Before the launch of Pulse, Cadbury Eclairs used to be that substitute, but after its launch, people started spending hard bucks on its purchase. And the reason behind it was pretty simple.

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We all are well acquainted to the fact that Indians have a strong feeling for sourness. This is why, Center Shock rocked the market in its time. Similarly, Pulse has been based on the sourness of raw mango, a kind of tangy flavor that no one could refuse. But in order to cope up the competition of this flavor with Parle Kaccha Mango Bite, a surprise element was added to the candy – a lining of spices including black salt, mango powder and other such elements that add tanginess to our tongue which is present in the middle of the hard-boiled candy, and as you put the candy in your mouth, the mix spreads on your tongue leaving you in surprise.

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Some might call this candy, a weird experience, but no one forgets adding the word pleasant to the weirdness. The candy has made to the shelf of many states now, and the weirdest fact is it is being sold at the hyped price of INR 1.50 per piece instead of its actual price of INR 1.00. This has happened because of the high demand but limited supply, due to which, retailers are stocking it up and selling it at a high price.

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The thing that amazes the masses the most is that the company has done null publicity whatsoever on this product, and it still has managed to become one of the most favored products of the nation, defying everything that marketing teaches us. It is expected that the candy will bring in a business of INR 100 crores till the coming April without shedding a single buck on its publicity. Thus, it can be said that the company is earning thousands of bucks with this candy!

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Well, whatever the stats might be, the candy does cater to all the needs that our mouth has. The beginning sourness, the middle spice’s fun, and the ending sweetness does open up all our rusted taste buds. And for the ones who haven’t yet tried this candy, just go out and buy a few of these as you just won’t be satisfied by a single piece of it. Remember, for the best experience, DONOT chew it, and don’t fall for that Spicy Beats copy of the candy!

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