The Most Horrifying Ghost Experience Of My Life!!

My friend and I were going to a party a few hours out of town. So we decided to stay at her family’s holiday home. About an hour or so after the party, we arrived at her home. It was a wintery mid-afternoon. So there was nobody around in the small town. The area was completely empty. There were no cars around. When we left for the party, I wondered whether I had to close the gate completely. I mean it was a heavy gate. I had trouble opening the gate when we had arrived.

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That night I didn’t want to be stuck outside. We decided to shut the gate completely for security.
The party was great. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. We got back to the house around 12.30 in the night. The gate was open. I didn’t want to scare anybody. But I felt a bit edgy. Something was wrong. I remembered I had closed the gate for sure. The gate was so heavy, so it wouldn’t have been opened with the force of the wind. Something was pretty wrong.
I didn’t want to make a big deal so when my friend asked if I had closed the gate while leaving, I gave a vague response by shrugging my shoulders. But my heart was beating fast by now. I was sure I was not imagining things. We went inside and decided to make a midnight snack. I was wandering in the house when my friend raced in from the kitchen to the hallway. She virtually tackled me to the ground. She was convinced she heard somebody walking outside.
We wanted to calm ourselves down, but there was nobody around. We sat for half an hour in the hallway, paralysed with fear. We heard footsteps outside and the back door being jimmied. We decided we had to leave, so we gathered everything and dumped it in the car.

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Just as we were in the front door ready to leave, there was a huge bang in the backyard. Suddenly, there was a sound of hundreds of birds screaming. We jumped into the car, with all the stuff on our laps and turned on the ignition. As we started reversing the car in the driveway, we saw somebody running from the side of the house towards us. We sped the car on our way home. Once we got inside, we heaved a sigh of relief. But we couldn’t sleep the entire night.