The Most Cringe Worthy Moments Ever Caught On Live News Which Are Too Damn Funny.

News is rather boring to me. The only time I do see news, it is in form of bloopers that are embarrassing enough to make it to Youtube. Now, I don’t have anything against any news channel in particular.
It’s just that world affairs more fun to watch when a reporter screws up big time in front of Live TV. Now that’s my kind of news.
And we’ve searched some of the most embarrassing moments that were ever captured in the middle of a live news broadcast.
Enjoy !!

1. You Do Not Mess With Samuel L Jackson

When a T.V reporter mistook Samuel L Jackson for another African American actor, Laurence Fishburne, Samuel unleashed his wrath upon the poor guy and what followed next can be best described as a 4 minutes of complete awkwardness. With the actor humiliating the anchor for doing such a lousy job and even going as far as saying ” We all don’t look alike“. Ouch.